Note to Self: Why Blog?

Hello everyone! You’ve made it all the way back to the beginning of blog postings here at FrontDesk, Inc.

I really was a naysayer to blogging as it didn’t make any sense for me to ramble on at the keyboard about technical minutiae. Why? Technical details change so fast that it hardly makes sense to spend any time pounding keys about the tech trivia that streams through our lives.

One day recently (I love story telling) I was fighting a particularly vexing problem. One of my clients was moving their service bureau to a collocation facility with raised floors, redundant power generators, redundant air conditioning, redundant diverse Internet paths, and very high security. It is a great collocation facility in Northern Colorado and we are very proud to host not only FrontDesk, Inc. but also our clients in this state of the art facility.

Moves are never without a few problems. This particular move was no exception. I had to renumber all the Internet connections going through the Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration Server (ISA) which is the firewall on the perimeter. ISA has always been a bit quirky and sometimes challenging getting all the rules correct to only allow through the legitimate and necessary traffic while denying all the rest. Unfortunately I couldn’t get ISA to pass the traffic properly through some new rules I had created. It was driving me crazy. These kinds of things can really wear on a person. The clock is ticking and the customers are waiting for the desired results of everything working but no matter what I tried I couldn’t find the trick to make it work!

Worse, I knew I had been here before. It was deja vu for sure. Going down the same path over and over is one of the ways I tend to internalize things. In this case, going down the same path led me to the same old dead end no matter what I did, it just wouldn’t work. I removed the rule in question and recreated it hitting every key presicly as though if I press the keys just right, it’ll work. No dice!

Googleing now is a natural reaction to a problem. I googled and googled and then found the one blog post that held the secrets to making the rule work. The author of the blog post, Johan Andersson had obviously been in the same spot I was in. And Mr. Andersson had been stuck in the same spot before! He put the secret sauce recipe in his blog post with the intentions of finding the answer one day in the future should he yet again face the same problem.

Screen Capture of blog site with "Note to self."

Mr Andersson inspiring “Note to Self” reason to blog.

Bless you Mr. Andersson! You have given me reason to blog. Sort of like leaving bread crumbs along the trail to help lost technicians find their way back to where they’ve been before. “Note to Self” is a category of blogging I need to pursue.

Mr. Andersson was correct. Checking a hidden check box on an advanced screen in the HTTP Listener fixed the 12250 error I was getting but more importantly has set a course for one of the areas of technical blogging I intend to pursue.

Thanks for being witness to my first blog post and my explanation of how the first in a series of “Note to Self” category was born!

Thanks for being here,




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